Model 1010 Whitepoint

The 1010 Whitepoint LED working light is designed for applications where a particularly efficient working light is required for concentrated light in the distance. For example, it is suitable for attachment next to water cannons or on tall cranes. The illuminated area is square. The greater the distance, the larger the illuminated area.

For example, a special variation of the 1010 Whitepoint with special blue spot lighting was developed to help preventing accidents when driving forklifts. With its concentrated light image the headlamp displays a blue spot on the ground which guides the forklift while showing the warehouse-staff that the vehicle is moving.





1010 Whitepoint special model

The trusty 1010 Whitepoint working light is now available with the following accessories:

  • Practical handle
  • Magnetic foot
  • Spiral cable with universal plug for the vehicle’s cigarette lighter








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