Sputnik SL Smoky

The front flasher Sputnik SL Smoky, with the proven modern lighting technology of our Sputnik SL, are particularly suitable for undercover police
operations in a civilian vehicle.

Due to the tinted lens, the special vehicle is only clearly recognisable as such when in use, as conspicuous reflections of sun and ambient light are reduced.

Comparison Sputnik SL Smoky - Sputnik SL



  • Available for horizontal mounting
  • Two or more lamp bodies can be synchronised
  • Can be adjusted to fit the contour of the radiator grille
  • Complete sealing of the lamp bodies ensures insensitivity to high pressure or steam jet cleaning
  • Universal cable can be configured as a control cable, day/night cable or activation cable
  • universal holder and various vehicle-specific holder available for optimal positioning and easy mounting
  • Y-cable for easy electrical connection available



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