DBS 850 divided

For over 20 years, emergency services have relied on the design and reliability of Hänsch‘s divided lightbar systems. The DBS 850 is a completely new development and succeeds the DBS 975. Light lenses and light domes have been given a modern appearance with clear contours, while the aluminium profile and installed trims have been deliberately kept dark. To meet the highest demands in terms of light intensity, the reflector housing from the DBS 5000 is used. The light modules behind it can be equipped with up to 3 colours and are multifunctional via the internal bus. The wiring and mounting options are compatible with the DBS 4000/DBS 5000 systems.

Configured to customer requirements

  • mounted using a modular system
  • easily adaptable to individual needs

Various mounting options

  • quick and easy mounting options for flat or curved vehicle roofs

Easy operation

  • control via CiA447, FireCAN or analogue

Variety of length

  • length: 2 x 400 or 2 x 650 mm


  • control: CiA447, FireCAN and analogue
  • 12 V / 24 V multi voltage
  • day/night switching
  • main beacon capable of multi-colour (e.g. can switch between blue and amber)
  • middle modules capable of multi-colour (up to 3 different colours per module)
  • extension of the light functions with middle modules
  • use of the roof-mounting system of the DBS 4000/5000
  • EMC according to ECE-R 10



  • blue beacon class II (according to ECE-R 65)
  • amber beacon class II (according to ECE-R 65)
  • direction indicator amber (front/rear) (according to ECE-R 148)
  • power flash blue (according to TA13a)
  • search lights (alley light)
  • lighting for surrounding area (alley light)
  • working lights



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