NOVA-L2 in LED technology

/// Efficient /// Powerful /// Flexible /// Long-lasting

The NOVA-L2 (form B2) is the successor to our proven NOVA beacon. Instead of the 12 LEDs used so far, twice as many are now installed. By using 24 high-power LEDs, up to 90% higher light values (averaged) are achieved.

The NOVA-L2, designed for 24V on-board voltage, is mainly used for large vehicles. A higher warning effect is achieved in all weather conditions (sunshine, rain, fog) and thus ensures more safety in road traffic. During the development, the proven Hänsch quality „Made in Germany“ was relied upon. Besides the highest warning effect, the NOVA-L2 is above all characterised by its robustness and durability.



  • Fix mounting in accordance with DIN 14620, form B2
  • flash pattern: double flash
  • Options:
    • day-/ night switching (via cable)
    • day-/ night switching (automatic)
    • function monitoring (low or high)
    • additional flash patterns possible on request (analogue)
  • Colours: only available in blue




  • In accordance with the common light and EMC certifications (Germany and international)




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