The Sputnik Compact features state-of-the-art lighting technology. The cover glass and the integrated optics of the LEDs guarantee maximum light output and a large angle of radiation. The slim all-rounder Sputnik Compact offers a wide range of versatile applications.

Surface mounting 

Rack mounting

  • rack mounting and surface mounting options available
  • rear warning beacon available wit 0° or 0°-24° angle of radiation
  • working light available with 0° or 0°-24° angle of radiation
    • rear warning beacon (blue) in the boot lid when lightbar is covered
    • directional beacon with a main radiation direction, e.g. front flasher (blue), rear flasher (blue)
    • rear warning system (§53a (3) StVZO) to secure a stationary vehicle to the rear (amber) (mounting in a vehicle)



  • rear warning system according §52 (11) StVZO to secure a stationary vehicle to the rear (amber)
  • direction indicator/turning light and hazard warning light (amber)
  • rear and break light (red)
  • fog tail light (red)
  • lighting (white permanent light)
  • also available in green




  • In accordance with the common light an EMC certifications (Germany and international)



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