BE 312 Cupholder

The BE312 Cupholder control unit can be used both in covert police operations and in any special-purpose vehicle where
space is limited when installing control units. Building the unit into a standard cup enables easy installation in an existing cup
holder. It is therefore ideally positioned in reach of the driver and can also be fixed in easily. The 12 buttons can be configured
and arranged to suit customer requirements in terms of function and marking symbols. In addition to the CAN components,
configurable inputs and outputs can be used for the evaluation or control of analogue components/signals, as with the proven
HBE300 and BE304.


  • 12 touches buttons for controlling CAN-enabled equipment
  • optical function and fault alerts
  • buttons with location and activation lighting
  • including analogue inputs and outputs
  • Installation fixe dans le porte-gobelet du véhicule
  • securely fitted into vehicle cupholder
  • housing: car ashtray black
  • nominal voltage 12 V or 24 V




  • covert operations
  • simple vehicle installation
  • installation in cupholder
  • proven operating concept / wiring concept incl. FÜP of HBE300/BE304 



    • EMC according to ECE-R 10 (Germany and International)



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