BE 304

The new control unit BE 304 impresses with a compact housing and various mounting options. The raised buttons with a clear pressure point provide a very good surface feel. This control unit is optimally suited for undercover police operations as well as for other emergency and work vehicles with a basic set of functions. Due to its versatile functional options the BE304 can be optimally configurated for any application area.


  • Compact plastic housing
  • 4 buttons for controlling CiA447 products
  • Location and activation lighting
  • Horizontal or vertical positioning possible (4x1 or 1x4)
  • Combination of various control units or as an additional keypad for other CiA447 control units
  • Four-core connecting cable via cable harness to CiA447 components
  • Surface mounting variation; rack mounting variation on request
  • Includes analogue inputs and outputs



  • Vehicles with reduced options of warning functions
  • Undercover police operation
  • Simple firefighter vehicles
  • Amber area: Construction vehicles, commercial vehicles, airports
  • Replacement for single switches in CiA447 systems



  • EMC according to ECE-R 10 (Germany and International)



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