Sputnik SL HTB

The directional flasher Sputnik SL features state-of-the-art lighting technology. The cover glass and the integrated optics of the LEDs guarantee maximum light output and a large angle of radiation (horizontal > 70°). At intersections in particular, the light’s wide beam considerably improves other road users’ awareness, which reduces the risk of accidents.



  • maximum warning effect > 500 candela
  • two or more lamp bodies can be synchronised
  • choice of different flash patterns
  • can be adjusted to fit the contour of the radiator grille
  • complete sealing of the lamp bodies ensure insensitivity to high pressure or steam jet cleaning
  • universal holders and various vehicle-specific holders are available for optimal positioning and easy mounting
  • Y-cable for easy electrical connection available




  • complies with the current acoustics and EMC approvals (Germany and internationally)



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