Mobile warning and communication system

/// Warning and communicating in an emergency

In hazardous and large-scale operations as well as in catastrophe scenarios, gaps in the warning and information provision of the affected population have recently become apparent.

If there are power, mobile phone and data network failures or if an area is completely cut off from the warning network, it is hardly possible to warn and inform the inhabitants of the affected areas.

This is compounded by the uncertainty of a broad section of the population as to how they should behave or prepare themselves in immediate danger situations.

The MOWACOM can provide a remedy:

Warning: attracting attention (location-independent and mobile) through various warning tones

Communication: in addition to public media, information locally & temporally flexible


The mobile warning and communication system (MOWACOM) has been specially developed for users in professional use. It is designed to be easily transported, set up and operated by one person. The system is powered by the cigarette lighter, so it can be used without a power supply and also in private vehicles. The components, which have proven themselves in special applications, are integrated in the stackable protective case.

The basic version includes a roof unit, a handset with integrated microphone for voice announcements and an amplifier with jack plug interface. The package can be expanded to include a digital recording/playback device with interfaces for additional external audio sources (USB stick, MP3 player, mobile phone audio, etc.) as well as a beacon.


  • civil defence and disaster control
  • fire brigades
  • municipal services and utilities
  • public order offices and authorities
  • organisers of major events
  • explosive ordnance disposal service




  • Easy handling by one person
    • storage and transport in a compact and robust protective case
    • easy to set up on emergency and civilian vehicles, intuitive 12-button operation     
  • Independent of the mains
    • system is operated via the vehicle cigarette lighter
  • Warning:
    • standardised warning tones with high penetration implemented
    • broadcasting all around (360°) or sector sounding (separate: right – left; front – rear)
  • Communication:
    • integrated microphone for direct voice announcements, jack interface for importing audio files
    • digital recording/playback device DigiRec with an integrated voice memory, expandable via USB stick and audio in endless loops and/or in change with warning tone
  • 10 years warranty



  • Stackable hard case
    • for safe transport and convenient storage of all components
  • Roof unit
    • 4 high-performance pressure chamber loudspeakers DKL 804
    • 360° radiation
    • possibility of limited radiation front, rear, left, right
    • non-slip magnetic mounting
    • easy mounting on the vehicle roof due to low weight of 8 kg
    • integrated device for additional fastening with tensioning straps (e.g. for glass roofs)
  • Tone sequence amplifier 744
    • realisation of public address and warning tones
    • built in foam insert
  • Hand-held control unit HBE 300
    • Functions:
      • microphone, PTT and volume control for public address integrated
      • activation and deactivation of the LED beacon
      • selection of recording and playback function
      • test function for announcements with reduced volume
    • Features:
      • buttons with location and activation lighting
      • status messages and menu navigation in the easy-to-read wide-angle display
      • long cable on the HBE 300 enables operation from the driver‘s seat
    • realisation of the recording and playback function
    • possibility to connect a jack plug for external recording devices
    • integrated voice recorder
    • additional connection for USB stick
    • built in foam insert
  • optional: Comet S beacon
    • amber or blue high-performance beacon in LED technology
    • homologation according to ECE-R 65, class 2
    • increases attention and provides safety when driving very slowly
    • connection cable with plug connector for the roof unit, waterproof
    • magnetic adhesion for easy attachment



  • Case
    • Material: plastic
    • Measurements W x H x D:  600 x 400 x 223 mm
    • Colour: red
    • Weight: 12 kg (total weight)
    • Voltage: 12 V
  • Roof unit
    • Material: stainless steel, plastic
    • Measurements W x H x D:  250 x 250 x 170 mm
    • Colour: black
    • Weight: 7,2 kg
    • Voltage: -



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