Tone sequence system 614/624 with DKL 604

The tone sequence system is designed as acoustic support to the light signals for emergency vehicles as defined in the road traffic licensing regulations. Piercing and clear special signals, as well as the option to use public address and electronic compressor signals, provide an extra dimension to the visual warning systems.


TFA 614/624 CiA447 model

TFA 614/624 analogue model


  • Highly efficient digital output stage
  • Because of its efficiency, the 624 tone sequence system is significantly louder than a typical 100W tone sequence system.
  • Integrated electronic compressor signal with certification (TFA 624)
  • Special signal according to DIN 14610 with additional stop signal (YELP) (TFA 624)
  • Internationally approved tone sequences possible
  • Optimised for public address
  • Available in 12 V and 24 V
  • Analogue version: activation via individual switch, control units BE 200, BE 600 or hand-held control unit HBE Profi
  • CiA447 version: activation via hand-held control unit HBE 300 or one of the several mounting control units


TFA 614 = tone sequence system with one pressure chamber speaker
TFA 624 = tone sequence system with two pressure chamber speakers




  • complies with the current acoustics and EMC approvals (Germany and internationally)



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