Tone sequence system 614/624 with DKL 804

Compared to the DKL 604, the 804 can reach up to 1,5 dB more per loudspeaker.


TFA 614/624 CAN447 model

TFA 614/624 analogue model


  • Highly efficient digital output stage
  • Because of its efficiency, the 624 tone sequence system is significantly louder than a typical 100W tone sequence system.
  • Integrated electronic compressor signal with certification (TFA 624)
  • Special signal according to DIN 14610 with additional stop signal (YELP) (TFA 624)
  • Internationally approved tone sequences possible
  • Optimised for public address
  • Available in 12 V and 24 V
  • Analogue version: operation using individual switch, control units BE 200, BE 600 or hand-held control unit HBE Profi
  • CAN447 version: operation using hand-held control unit HBE 300 or one of the several mounting control units

TFA 614 = tone sequence system with one pressure chamber speaker
TFA 624 = tone sequence system with two pressure chamber speakers




  • complies with the current acoustics and EMC approvals (Germany and internationally)



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