Tone sequence system 724 & 744 Per4mance

During emergency drives the acoustic signal is often perceived too late by other road users. The reason for this is the one-dimensional sound propagation in tone sequence systems. With the TFA 7xx, Hänsch is breaking a new ground. In addition to optimised sound propagation for urban (wide pressure mode) and rural (direct pressure mode), the Adaptive Sound Pressure Technology (ASP) also offers an extension option with increased range and intensity: the TFA 744 Per4mance. In addition, the optimised electronic compressor signal offers another possibility, to increase the attention of road users.


Variable urban/rural switching

Urban driving - Lateral spread

Particularly effective in critical crossing areas










Rural driving - Range & intensity

Acoustic road clearer                     




  • funtioning in the system - via CiA447, FireCAN or analogue* controllable
  • one for all - special signals DIN URBAN/RURAL, international tones**, compressor, public address and radio activation as well as Airhorn/Bullhorn are available via a tone sequence amplifier
  • maintance-free - system consisting of electronics and loudspeaker require no maintenance
  • weather resistant - loudspeakers have been proven to be water resistant for years
  • energy efficient - ¼ of the power consumption in comparison to a conventional compressor system
  • reduced interior noise - no pumping compressor noise, which interfere with communication or stress the emergency personnel
  • simple assembly - due to the compact design and fewer components (e.g. no compressor or air hoses)


*AD- converter required

**YELP, WAIL, HILO, Netherlands, Austria. Further tone sequences on request.



  • up to 4 loudspeakers for signal output - individually function-monitored
  • connection for two audio signals (microphone, MP3 player, radio...) digital AF volume control via CAN
  • FireCAN or CiA447 interface
  • internationally approved tone sequences
  • optional: additional output stage for AF outputs only
  • optional: 4 freely usable load outputs with function monitoring
  • optional: output for analogue main beacon or 3rd beacon/front flasher



  • CiA447 / FireCAN
  • with 2 or 4 loudspeakers 604/80$
  • various cable harnesses




  • complies with the current acoustics and EMC approvals (Germany and internationally)



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