Tone sequence system 724 & 744 Per4mance

During emergency drives the acoustic signal is often perceived too late by other road users. The reason for this is the one-dimensional sound propagation in tone sequence systems. With the TFA 7xx, Hänsch is breaking a new ground. In addition to optimised sound propagation for urban (wide pressure mode) and rural (direct pressure mode), the Adaptive Sound Pressure Technology (ASP) also offers an extension option with increased range and intensity: the TFA 744 Per4mance.


Variable urban/rural switching

Urban driving - Focus propagation

Valuable in critical intersections










Rural driving - Focus range & intensity

Acoustic road clearer                     





  • CAN447 compliant – controllable via digital control units from Hänsch
  • variability of AF sources without additional switching box
  • power outputs for supplying analogue consumer loads without relays
  • flexibility due to configurability of load outputs by body manufacturer (no coding necessary)
  • public address via additional undercarriage loudspeakers (UKL) in the lightbar (optional)




  • tone sequence amplifier with 1,2 or 4x DKL 604 or DKL 804 with various approved tone sequence signals including DIN urban/rural, compressor
  • wide-angle urban signal with crossing effect
  • optional: an additional output stage for voice output for up to 2 UKL or external DKL
  • 2 switchable AF inputs, each with digital volume control
  • CAN interface: can be integrated into the existing product family: control via e.g. HBE 300, BE 304, BE 308, BE 314, BE 312
  • plug compatible with TFA 6xx
  • loudspeaker function control
  • optional: 5 Load outputs each 5(3)A, short-circuit proof, monitorable (open Load detection)
    • incl. one beacon output (main or secondary beacon/ front flasher
    • one can be used as a radio timer output
  • 2x UDS-output 500 mA
  • extended diagnostic options: Default memory, I/O diagnostics, voltage, temperature, etc.




  • complies with the current acoustics and EMC approvals (Germany and internationally)



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