Audio Control Module 2


Emergency personnel, security staff or public utility workers: All of them are sometimes tasked with informing and warning the public. This can be required in a disaster situation, in traffic or in general deployment situations. Usually, the only way to do so is a public address microphone which is connected to the exterior loudspeakers of a tone sequence system.

If additional audio - or low-frequency - sources are to be imported, other media such as MP3 players or cellphones are usually at hand. For these devices the ASM 2 is the interface to the tone sequence or amplifier for public address.

The audio sources are selected via a CiA447-compatible control unit, routed to the amplifier’s audio frequency inputs from the ASM 2 and played through the pressure chamber loudspeakers. Additionally the ASM 2 offers the option of a 10-second voice recording which can be played in a continuous loop or alternately with the tone sequence. The flexibility and quality of audio frequency signal processing are two more assets completing this product.



  • Switching between up to 4 audio frequency signal sources + 2 PTT
  • Source selection, recording / playing of public address and volume
    control via CiA447 control unit
  • Activation of audio frequency paths by line or via automatic gain



  • CiA447 component
  • Use with TFV 6x4 12 V / 24 V
  • Existing electrical connection to the cable harness of the TFV 6x4, operation with HBE 300 (built-in microphone + push to talk) or BE 3xx + rod
  • microphone
  • Two mute outputs
  • Basic audio frequency source volume pre-set on the device



  • (1) Exterior loudspeaker. Here: 2x DKL 604
  • (2) CiA447 control unit. Here: HBE 300
  • (3) Audio frequency source. Here: Tetra digital radio communication unit (connection via internal radio communication
    unit loudspeaker)
  • (4) Audio frequency source. Here: stereo’s USB/SD port
  • (5) 2nd microphone. Here: rod microphone
  • (6) Audio frequency source. Here: MP3 player
  • (7) CiA447 control unit. Here: BE 304
  • (8) TFV 6x4 amplifier


Application options in the command vehicle pictured:

From the driver’s cabin:


  • Command address
  • Recording public address
  • Playing public address
  • Playing public addresses alternately with tone sequence
  • Selecting audio frequency source or control volume via HBE 300


  • A2: Selecting radio message transmission via the radio communication unit (may require additional devices) and transmitting them to the exterior
  • A3: Transmitting existing MP3 audio recordings to the exterior


From the radio communication station:

  • A4: Command addresses
  • A5: Transmitting existing MP3 audio recordings to the exterior
  • A6: Selecting audio frequency source or control volume via BE 304



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