DBS 5000

Switchable between blue and amber

The bicoloured lightbar system DBS 5000 can switch between blue and amber. The blue warning signal is used to clear a path on the way to a location. The beacon can be switched to amber at the scene in order to act as a warning signal to secure the area.



  • Can switch between blue and amber
  • Both colours are approved according to ECE-R 65
  • Blue: can be used to indicate the right-of-way while driving
  • Amber: can be used as a warning signal at the scene
  • Blue additional flashers
  • Amber additional flashers
  • Direction indicator*
  • Working lights
  • Alley lights
  • Rear warning system (amber)
  • Power flasher
  • Day-/ Night switching

*CiA447 requires an I/O-Box to feed the signals

Also available with examination in accordance with ICAO Type C.



Vehicle specific lightbar length

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