Whether fix mounting, tube mounting or magnetic fixing - the various versions of the MOVIA SL LED beacon offer a solution for every requirement. Powerful LED technology with exceptional warning effect in a compact housing is what distinguishes our MOVIA SL LED beacons.










MOVIA SL LED - fix mounting

  • Options:
    • Function monitoring
    • Analogue or CAN447 option
  • Colours: also available in red, blue and blue/amber







MOVIA SL LED - tube mounting                                                   

  • For fitting on a mounting tube in accordance with DIN 14620
  • Flexible tube
  • Option:
    • Also available on telescopic stand
  • Colours: also available in red and blue








MOVIA SL LED - magnetic fixing

  • LED beacon with spiral cable and triple magnetic fixing
  • Optimal adhesion even on curved vehicle roofs
  • Rubber-coated magnets to protect paintwork from scratches
  • Choice of different plugs
  • Tested at up to 270 km/h
  • Analogue control
  • Colours: also available in blue, blue/amber and red
  • Camouflage covering available on request






  • In accordance with the common light and EMC certifications (Germany and international)

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