Sputnik mini HTA

The new LED warning device Sputnik mini impresses with its compact dimensions and simple mounting through a round drill hole. A HT solution consists of 4 lamp bodies Sputnik SL mini and 2 lamp bodies Sputnik SL HTA. The beacon as HT solution consists of several optical systems, therefore it is not a directional beacon (front flasher).



  • Highly compact design for universal usage
  • Housing: Aluminium
  • Exterior electronics for up to 2 lamp bodies
  • Vehicle-specific HT solutions available: MB Sprinter, VW T6 volume models or projects on request

We recommend to clarify beforehand whether homologation has been granted by the relevant registration office. 


HT system consists of 4 lamp bodies Sputnik mini & 2 lamp bodies Sputnik SL


  • Voltage: 12 V, 24 V
  • Flash mode: in sync, alternating
  • Activation control (only Sputnik SL)


Systems consist of:

  • 2 lamp bodies Sputnik SL
  • 2 lamp bodies Sputnik mini with mounting ring (rubber)
  • 2 lamp bodies Sputnik mini with mounting shell 22,5 °




  • In accordance with the common light and EMC certifications (Germany and international)



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