HBE 300 hand-held control unit

The HBE 300 is able to control both CAN-compatible warning systems as well as analogue supplements. A special version of the HBE 300 was developed for use in amber light scenarios.



  • CANopen Standard 447
  • 8 fast access buttons
  • 4 menu buttons
  • Buttons with location and activation lighting
  • Integrated microphone to use the public address system
  • High-contrast wide angle lens
  • Easy to operate thanks to large keys
  • Convenient menu navigation with self-explanatory icons
  • Analogue outputs for additional functions
  • Can be used in any vehicle (even without a 447 gateway)
  • Various models available
  • Optimal for controlling DBW 4000 and DBW 5000





  • In accordance with the common EMC certification (Germany and international)



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