BE 200/300 control units

Whether for controlling analogue or CAN-products - our control units offer you a high degree of flexibility.



BE 200 NN control unit

The control unit BE 200 NN is ideal for controlling analogue products.
A total of 6 buttons enable safe operation of the warning system.

  • 6 buttons for controlling the functions
  • All buttons with backlightning and switch-on control
  • Free buttons with possibility locked with beacon
  • Three control lamps for function monitoring
  • Small housing dimensions
  • Cover for DIN vehicle radio shaft available



BE 308 GE Universal 1 control unit

The control unit BE 308 GE has both a serial interface CAN 447-Standard as well as additional analogue outputs for control non-CAN-enabled products. A total of 8 buttons enable safe operation of the warning system.

  • 8 function buttons to control CAN-enabled products
  • inclusive analogue In- and Outputs (4x Inputs & 10x Outputs)
  • small housing dimensions
  • can be used with or without vehicle Gateway
  • various button assignments
  • cover for DIN vehicle radio shaft available
  • optimal for controlling the DBW 4000 and DBW 5000



Control unit BE 304

  • compact plastic housing
  • 4 buttons for controlling CAN products
  • detection and activation lighting
  • horizontal or vertical mounting possible
  • combination of several control units possible
  • freely configurable, buttons changeable
  • 4-wire connection cable via cable harness to CAN components
  • 9 - 32 V multi voltage
  • available for surface and rack mounting
  • including analogue inputs and outputs





  • In accordance with the common EMC certifications (Germany and international)



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