Information about ICAO

The ICAO or EASA (the European equivalent) standards describe international regulations for technical equipment and devices that are used at the airport.

ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) is the organisation that establishes internationally binding rules and regulations for civil aviation. The requirements for mobile obstacles according to ICAO Aerodromes Annex 14 Chapter 6 regulations are relevant for beacons and lightbars on vehicles in airport operation.

The regulation only provides for the colours amber and blue. For Type C vehicles, light values in angle ranges between -3.5° and +8.5° are required, as well as a flash frequency in a 1 to 1.5 Hz range and a maximum power of 400 cd. The beacons or lightbar systems must not have day/night switching.


Hänsch products:

Hänsch has tested the following products according to ICAO in the beacon sector and declares their conformity to the regulations:

/// COMET LED amber and blue, blue/amber switchable - in analogue
/// COMET LED amber and blue, blue/amber switchable - CAN447 only fixed mounting

/// COMET S amber and blue – analogue
/// COMET S amber and blue - in CAN447 only fixed mounting

/// DBS4000 amber and blue, blue/amber switchable - only in CAN447
/// DBS5000 amber and blue, blue/amber switchable - only in CAN447

The beacons Comet LED and Comet S LED are available with the ICAO conformity in analogue and CAN. The lightbars DBS/W 4000 and DBS/W 5000 are only available in CAN, therefore control units programmed according to ICAO are required. Here it is possible to switch between flash patterns according to ICAO and ECE-R65.

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