International sales partners visit Hänsch

Personal reunion after pandemic-related contact restriction


Hänsch distributes optical and acoustic warning systems worldwide. In the Netherlands, this is done by the subsidiary Signalis B.V., and in Austria, Denmark, Norway, and Switzerland, long-standing sales partners competently take care of the delivery as well as the service of the products on site.

After a long time, a reunion with all partners now took place at the headquarters in Herzlake. "The meeting showed us that virtual cooperation is not enough and that personal contacts and conversations are very important for a good cooperation", agree the International Sales Managers Stefanie Uphaus and Melina Koch.

After a welcome by Stefan Fangmeyer, Head of International Sales, the guests were given a comprehensive tour of the production facility, which has been continuously expanded and modernized in recent years. They were particularly impressed by the high-quality workstations with a fully automated glue robot as well as a complex painting system to protect sensitive circuit boards.

During the sales partner meeting, an intensive exchange of information took place. The main focus was on the new products, on which the sales partners received comprehensive training:

  • the Mobile Warning- and Communication System (MOWACOM) in a stackable protective case for emergency and civilian vehicles.
  • the tone sequence system TFA Per4mance with optimized electronic compressor signal
  • the slim front flashers Sputnik Hybrid und Sputnik Flat for installation in narrow spaces
  • the multicoloured switchable middle modules of the lightbar system DBS 5000
  • the takedown and information displays ASG BIG und FLIP.
  • as well as the lightbar system DBS 850, which i svailable as divided version and in full-length.

In addition, intensive technical discussions were held with the Head of Development (Dr. Holger Jönen). The focus was on possible new or further developments specifically for the countries in which the sales partners are present. Marco Vierke, Managing Director of Hänsch Signalconcept GmbH, continued this by discussing that the range of services also includes the design of complete, individually ready-to-connect cable harnesses.

Besides product-specific topics, marketing-related aspects were also on the agenda. In recent months, Hänsch has enormously expanded its presence on social media. After the marketing strategy and the added value of digital media were introduced, a lively discussion arose with the sales partners on joint branding.

All partners reported from their markets. Exciting references were presented that had recently been successfully implemented with Hänsch. "This enabled us to learn from each other, gather valuable ideas and expand our network," said Danish sales partner Leif Hemmsen, owner of Autogaragen ApS.

The event came to a pleasant conclusion in the late afternoon on the company premises. Here, sales partners and Hänsch employees from various departments deepened the previous discussions.

"We are pleased that we were finally able to welcome our international partners back to our company. The productive exchange showed that personal contact remains indispensable despite advancing digitalization," Hänsch's managing directors Dietmar Speller and Christian Gehring concluded.