Austria’s fastest police vehicle – the Porsche 911 – has Hänsch on board

This is definitely not something drivers see every day. The Austrian police force’s new emergency vehicle doesn’t just draw attention to law enforcement; it also attracts envious – and possibly frightened – glances: Starting immediately, the long arm of the law is extended by a Porsche 911 in an official police design whose equipment includes the Hänsch DBS 5000.

The fastest official package in Austria (police design) includes the TFA 624 sound signalling system and the HBE 300hand-held control unit in addition to the DBS 5000 warning system.

The DBS 5000 is especially well-adapted to the Porsche thanks to its aerodynamic, modern design. The vehicle’s overall design is unique and reaffirms the top design quality of the DBS 5000.

Top quality for strong brands – Hänsch meets Porsche!

Above all, an emergency vehicle with this much horsepower requires an equally high-quality warning system for maximum security during deployment. The Hänsch Official Package – specially tailored to the Austrian market – achieves the maximum warning effect.

We’d like to wish the vehicle’s occupants a safe, enjoyable ride at all times!

Photo: Porsche, source: