Hänsch products for highest safety on the runway

A solution for every case

We also offer warning systems for airport traffic management and escort vehicles, with functions specially designed for use on the runway. Unique Hänsch „FOLLOW ME“ - Features allow for quick and easy use. We could prove this once again by the example of the airport Karlsruhe / Baden-Baden (FKB).

The FKB and the associated Baden-Airpark GmbH operate a central infrastructure facility for air traffic on the Upper Rhine and, with the integrated business park, provide the necessary space for the entrepreneurial activities of a wide range of companies and industries.

To guarantee the safety of all guests and passengers, the airport required a vehicle for air traffic control, guiding the aircraft to its parking position and taking over all other safety tasks around the runway. This also includes the so-called "bird dispersal" on the airfield and landing area.

In order to minimize the risk of bird strikes for departing and landing aircrafts, we have developed an innovative solution which can play various sounds to startle flocks of birds. Our partner Blickle & Scherer Kommunikationstechnik GmbH & Co KG, which is located nearby the FKB, implemented our concept and a comprehensive warning system:

• The lightbar DBF 4000 LED with maximum warning effect, aerodynamic housing as well as automatic day/night switching (switching of the flash pattern is possible according to the standards of the International Civil Aviation Organization between ECE-R65 and ICAO type C).

• The tone sequence system TFA 624 with two pressure chamber speakers DKL 804, which can be used not only in the police or firefighting department, but - as in this case - in a wide range of applications.

• The HBE 300 Follow Me control unit is specially designed to match the function range of the DBF 4000. It offers a convenient menu navigation for controlling the individual components.

All products have been adapted according to the requirements of the FKB. The TFA 624 in particular makes the Follow Me pilot vehicle unique. To keep birds off the runway, sounds specially designed for this purpose can be played. In addition, the tone sequence system enables voice announcements, for example to clear the runway as quickly as possible in the event of a necessary evacuation.

Our goal is always to respond to the individual wishes of our customers and to develop high-quality solutions with them. The long experience we have guarantees that tailor-made concepts are created, which impress with modern design and individuality and at the same time comply with European directives.

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