Hänsch GmbH receives ISO 14001 certification for environmental management systems for the first time


Press release

The steadily increasing environmental awareness among the population is making this topic more and more important for the economy. Certification according to the internationally recognised ISO 14001 standard provides independent confirmation of efficient environmental management.

The Hänsch GmbH has been considering sustainability and the implementation of an environmental management system for some time already. Optimised energy and resource efficiency significantly improves operational procedures and production processes and at the same time contributes to cost savings. As part of an audit by TÜV Nord, Hänsch certified itself now for the first time according to ISO 14001.

For example, the company uses efficient heat pumps to generate thermal energy in all new buildings. Furthermore, highly efficient exhaust air systems are used for sensitive filtering of emissions in the area of PCB lacquering and SMD production.

Thanks to the ongoing expansion of the photovoltaic system, a large part of the CO²-free self-generated electrical energy could be used directly last year. Calculated on the total consumption of electrical energy, Hänsch purchased about 20% less energy from the utility company.

Other aspects that are checked as part of the certification are optimisations in the reduction of materials, recycling of raw materials and waste separation, etc.

To compress waste, Hänsch has invested in a paper and film press. The compression ensures, among other things, that the collection intervals and thus the trips of the waste disposal company are significantly reduced.

Hänsch has also addressed environmental requirements in product development and has further developed its warning systems accordingly. As a result, the strict specifications of the automotive industry are met and thus considerable competitive advantages are achieved. For example, the Herzlake-based company equips entire zero-emission vehicle fleets of the federal and state police forces with specific warning systems that have been particularly developed for sustainable vehicle concepts.

"As an international company, we see it as our duty to fulfil our responsibility towards our customers and the environment and to reduce our impact on the natural habitat as much as possible. Through the measures we have introduced, we reduced our environmental impact by a total of about 25%," explains Hänsch Managing Director Ludger Dopp.

In addition, certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001 took place for the second time. ISO 9001 is considered the most widespread standard in quality management and is applied both nationally and internationally. With the implementation of both management systems, Hänsch has taken another important step towards resource efficiency, which encompasses the commitment in all company divisions equally and leads to a significant strengthening of the market position in the long term.

About the company: Hänsch develops and produces electronic warning and signalling systems for emergency vehicles used by rescue services, the fire brigade, the police and also municipal operations. With these products, such as blue light and acoustic systems (sirens) for various emergency vehicles, the company has grown strongly from its beginnings to the present day. However, Hänsch has primarily established itself on the international market as a competence and innovation partner for individual system solutions for well-known automobile and body manufacturers.


Left: Ludger Dopp (Managing Director) / Right: Mirco Mehrhoff (Environmental Management Officer)