Hänsch further on tour throughout Europe

Successful participation in France and Sweden

After the "Retter" fair in Austria, the Hänsch show trailer went straight to the next trade fairs in Europe.

From 26.09. - 29.09.2018 the "Sapeurs Pompiers" took place in Bourg-en-Bresse. The "Sapeurs Pompiers" is the most important trade fair for the fire and rescue service in France. The decision-makers gathered information about the latest developments in the branch. The visitor magnet of the Hänsch booth was a rescue vehicle specially equipped for ambulances, a Mercedes-Benz X-Class with DBS 5000, HBE 300 manual control unit and Sputnik SL front flashers..

In addition to the high product quality demanded by the French market, Hänsch scores points due to its location in France, direct customer service and excellent after sales service.

From 02.10. - 04.10.2018 the Swedish fair "Flisa" took place in Örebro. A special platform for ambulance and emergency services fleet managers. Special product scopes are required, especially in the Scandinavian countries . The DBS 5000 was, due to the "flat" design and the variety of functions, very much in demand.

The good response of the trade fair visitors underlines the success of the intensified sales activities throughout Europe. With the knowledge of the market requirements and the direct proximity to the customer, Hänsch will continue to expand its leading market position in Europe.