Warning systems for intensive care transport vehicle for COVID-19-patients


A Mercedes-Benz Citaro large-capacity intensive care transport vehicle for people infected with the corona virus is now equipped with warning systems from Hänsch. The blue beacons NOVA in LED technology ensure maximum warning effect in road traffic, so that patients and rescue workers arrive safely but also quickly at their destination. High-power LEDs in combination with a day/night switch optimally didtribute the light. Sputnik SL directional flasher generate increased attention at intersections. The LED lenses integrated in the cover glass guarantee maximum light output and a large angle of radiation.

The tone sequence system 624 designed as acoustic support to the light signals for emergency vehicles as defined in the road traffic licensing regulations. It is certified according to DIN 14610 and has a high degree of efficiency with an additional stop signal. Furthermore, the TFA 624 enables voice announcements with an optional microphone. The warning system with beacon including function control, tone sequence signal, city/countryside switch and command speech is fully controlled via the HBE profi hand control unit.

The Mercedes-Benz Citaro, originally an intercity bus, was converted by Daimler Buses and is now the largest intensive care transport vehicle in Germany with four fully equipped intensive care beds. It will be used by the German Red Cross rescue service in Heidenheim-Ulm within Baden-Württemberg, but can also be deployed for national and interstate transport.

Together with the German Red Cross, 12 Daimler employees converted the vehicle into a large-capacity intensive transport vehicle in three weeks. Planning and implementation normally take several months. In view of the current situation, however, it was a matter of the heart for everyone to complete the project under high pressure.

In addition to the Herzlake warning system manufacturer and the Neu-Ulm bus manufacturer, the University Hospital Ulm supports the large-capacity intensive care transport vehicle with doctors and paramedics. The deployment of drivers and maintenance personnel is coordinated by SWU Stadtwerke Ulm/Neu-Ulm GmbH. All those involved are proud to be able to proactively support the fight against the COVID 19 pandemic: "Special situations require quick reactions, unique innovations and cooperations," according to Hänsch.