Mission statement

/// Hänsch stands for technical competence, high quality, reliability, expert consulting and high service



“We measure the quality of our work by the success of the company”

We are convinced that the success of the company can only be maintained with the best technical solutions, highest quality and through the teamwork of all our staff.



“We meet the demands of the market and develop products that offer competitive advantages”

A lot of ideas, the latest technology and the continuous optimization of our products guarantee a consistent edge over the competition.



“is the cornerstone for the sustainable success of the company”

Our objectives are profitable growth and continuous development in all areas.



 “We keep our word”

Our team stands for dependability, fairness and honesty. Our business relationships are based on trust and professionalism.



“Our personnel are the guarantee of our success”

We want to motivate our staff, provide them with further training and formulate clear objectives. We must succeed in creating scope for their development, promoting creativity and generating the potential for our common success.