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We demand the highest quality. This can only be achieved by means of state-of-the-art production processes and technology. For example, we use a state-of-the-art SMD pick and place machine with a fully automated pick and place robot, as well as a complex painting system to protect sensitive circuit boards. (Figure 5)

Optimally integrated production lines for the warning systems and their components ensure the efficiency of the production process. (Figures 6 + 7). With its efficient high-tech strategy, Hänsch not only meets the high quality requirements of the automotive industry, but also develops products that offer excellent competitive advantages. With regard to “Industry 4.0”, Hänsch is also taking steps to optimize entire value chains, to increase productivity and to network technologies.

Herzlake site presentation (focus: development & production)



The constant ongoing development of existing products, as well as new development ideas are the guarantee for the company’s success. Hänsch is also always one step ahead on international markets. In addition to the standard solutions, Hänsch also addresses the individual requirements of customers and markets. In Hänsch’s ideas workshop, the Research and Development Center (Fig. 3) highly qualified engineers have the latest methods to develop electronics, software and mechanical 3D design at their fingertips. Special software tools and devices assist in simulating acoustic and light measurement calculations. The products can be tested under certification conditions in their own light testing line, in the acoustics and EMC laboratory or in the climatic test chamber.



The entire product range is presented in the Infocenter (Figure 6), Hänsch’s modern exhibition space. Here, customers and interested people can gain an overview of the versatility of the products. Hänsch regularly presents new products and offers a platform for detailed discussions and direct customer contact at international trade fairs in Germany and internationally.



Since October 2013, Hänsch employees have benefited from company childcare. With the establishment of the company’s children’s daycare facility “Die kleinen Warnleuchten” (The Little Beacons), employees are able to bring work and family life closer together. As part of an audit by the Emsland Foundation for Work and Family in 2015, the seal of quality for family friendliness was extended to 2019.