Under threat alarm system for armoured vehicles

The under-threat alarm system (GAS) has been specially developed for use in armoured vehicles such as armoured limousines or cash-in-transit vehicles. The primary functions of the under-threat alarm system (GAS) are a two-way intercom communication and an alarm that is triggered in the event of an attack on the vehicle. In addition, there is also an option of using the under-threat alarm system (GAS) in connection with a beacon as a special signal system.


  • The amplifier circuit developed for special purpose vehicles creates a very high sound pressure level, even for the attack alarm – increased safety for vehicle occupants
  • Two-way intercom communication with the closed, armoured vehicle possible with very clear voice transmission
  • No intervention required in the vehicle body – easy installation, compact design of the components, discreet
  • Unique combination of two-way communication, special signal (pre-programmed with German certification and different international tone sequences) and attack alarm

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Operation unit GAS 520

The perfect balance between amplifier technology and the DKL 500 produces extremely high sound pressure for the special signal and alarm. The integrated intercom with outstanding voice quality allows communication with persons on the outside from an armoured vehicle, for example, by using the vehicle hands-free device and additional microphones installed in the exterior mirrors.

  • 2x 60 W power amplifier (GAS 520) for attack alarm and special signals (many pre-programmed)
  • Approved for German special signal in accordance with DIN 14610 with two or even just one DKL 500
  • Integrated intercom
  • Extremely compact control unit




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