Under threat alarm system for armored vehicles

Specially developed for use in armored vehicles, this system offers a special signaling system with integrated attack alarm and intercom system. The compact design of the individual components facilitates covert installation in the vehicle.

The under threat alarm system (GAS) for armored vehicles is composed of:

  • GAS 520 control unit
  • DKL 500 pressure chamber speaker (1 or 2)
  • Hands-free microphone/Mirror microphone


GAS 520 control unit

The perfect match between amplifier technology and the DKL 500 results in an extremely high sound pressure for special signal and alarm. The integrated intercom system with excellent voice quality allows communication with people outside from within an armored vehicle, e.g. using the vehicle’s hands-free system and supplementary microphones in the exterior mirrors.

  • 120 W power amplifier for attack alarm and special signals (many pre-programmed)
  • Approved for German special signal in accordance with DIN 14610 with 2 or just 1 DKL 500
  • Integrated intercom
  • Extremely compact control device




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