DBF 4000 LED

The DBF 4000 LED warning system combines the advantages of the DBS 4000 LED with a range of functions specially developed for use in airports. The system’s individually selectable features ensure that traffic control and Follow Me vehicles are optimally equipped for use.





Configured to customer requirements

  • Fitted using a modular system
  • Easily adaptable to individual needs
  • Aerodynamic housing
  • Low wind resistance and reduced noise levels

Variety of mounting options

  • Quick and easy mounting options for flat or curved roofs
  • Vehicle-specific carrier systems offer further mounting options

Maximum warning effect

  • State-of-the-art lighting technology
  • Automatic day/night switching

Easy operation

  • Digital control using the CANBus protocol, based on the CANopen Standard 447 or fireCAN respectively using the HBE 300 Follow Me hand-held control unit

Variety of lengths

  • Lengths: 1100, 1200, 1400, 1600, 1800, 2000 mm



  • Direction indicator (Flasher)
  • Environment light sensor for reducing beacons at night-time
  • Working lights
  • Additional flashers
  • Alley lights: 0° or 20° tilt angle
  • Full matrix display
  • Rear warning system
  • Cover glass printing



  • LED main beacons with red or amber high-performance LEDs
  • Rear-facing full matrix with red or amber high-performance LED and displaying message “FOLLOW ME”, “STOP” and arrows
  • Option to activate arrow using the vehicle’s travel direction indicator
  • Contact with brakes activates the “STOP” message
  • Control of the lightbar using CANopen Standard 447 with HBE 300 Follow Me digital control unit
  • Integration of a 614/624 amplifier for public address with an underbody speaker for public address via the HBE 300 Follow Me control unit




  • In accordance with the common light and EMC certifications (Germany and international)




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