Integro Universal LED module

This flexible LED module can be integrated into either the front or back of the roof fitting of an emergency vehicle. The blue LED module has a K2 certification and can be dimmed in the dark. One module, two attachment variations: the compact solution provides an additional warning effect and increased safety in road traffic.



  • One system consists of two identical lamp modules
  • including day/night switching
  • 8 high-power LED with wide-angle lenses
  • Integrated control technology
  • Connection for function monitoring
  • 270° angle of radiation
  • Synchronisation with several modules possible
  • Colours: also available in blue and red




  • The LED modules are operated as a beacon in pairs
  • The LED modules can be attached at the front and/or back of the emergency vehicle or in the roof fitting of the vehicle










  • In accordance with the common light and EMC certifications (Germany and international)
  • Approved as a system comprising two lamp modules




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