BE 300 control units

The various models in the BE 300 series offer a high degree of flexibility. In addition to a serial interface that meets the CAN447 standard, the various models also offer analogue outputs to control products that are not CAN-compatible.



BE 308M control unit

  • 8 function keys for operating CAN-compatible products
  • Includes analogue inputs and outputs (16)
  • Small housing dimensions
  • Can be used with or without vehicle gateway
  • Various key assignments can be selected
  • Cover for DIN vehicle radio shaft available
  • Optimal for controlling DBW 4000 and DBW 5000



BE 300M control unit

  • Menu-operated control units
  • Exclusively for operating a CAN447 full matrix
  • Selection of various messages for the full matrix
  • Cover for DIN vehicle radio shaft available




  • In accordance with the common EMC certifications (Germany and international)



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