HBE 300 hand-held control unit

The HBE 300 is able to control both CAN-compatible warning systems as well as analog add-on products. In addition to models for “Fire service/Emergency doctor”, we also offer models that are specially designed for the requirements of the police. What’s more, there are universal models which are available for the fire service and police force.



  • CANopen Standard 447
  • 8 fast access buttons
  • 4 menu buttons
  • Buttons with location and activation lighting
  • Integrated microphone to use the public address system
  • High-contrast wide angle lens
  • Easy to operate thanks to large keys
  • Convenient menu navigation with self-explanatory symbols
  • Analog outputs for additional functions
  • Can be used in any vehicle (even without a 447 gateway)
  • Various models available




  •  In accordance with the common EMC certifications (Germany and international)




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