COMET S now now available with clear light dome

• Efficient • Powerful • Long-lasting • Extra flat • Flexible

Our new COMETS beacons combine all the familiar properties of the COMET LED beacons but come with new functions in an extra-flat design.

As well as the blue, red and amber cover colours, the COMET S is also now available with a clear light dome.
The clear light domes are the perfect alternative to the current versions.

COMET S now with clear light dome:
Colour: amber, blue, red
Voltage: 9-32 V
Outer diameter: 156 mm
Total height: 85 mm

COMET S (amber with clear light dome) TA1 E1 00 4591
COMET S (blue) TB2 E1 00 4425
COMET S (red) TR2 E1 00 4427

COMET S - E1 10R-05 7965


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